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Life Styling with Lesli.  At first, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous. I don’t like to shop, I have some body image issues (as many woman do) and I don’t like to feel pressure to buy clothing that
I don’t feel looks great on me (and I am picky). 

Wow- was I wrong about how the day would go.  Lesli is so creative and talented but she is also wonderful with people.  She immediately made me comfortable in my own skin and has a knack for finding the right clothes for each person.  Lesli handles everything during the shopping experience.  I felt taken care of instead of always taking care of everyone else.  Lesli wouldn’t even let me carry the clothes around while we were gathering items.  It was relaxing shopping vs stressful, which is how I normally feel.  Lesli was honest about what looked good and what didn’t.  

That was refreshing. Lesli has a specific talent for combining different pieces to make multiple outfits out of just a few things.  Zara, the store Lesli chose is fun, hip and cost effective.  I have never even heard of this store and we found an entire new wardrobe there.

After finding so many new pieces, Lesli met me at my home to help clean out my closet. I was surprised to find that Lesli was able to use pieces in my closet that I have not worn in many years and made more outfits from items in my closet too. She also helped me slim down my closet as I am in the process of moving and downsizing into a much smaller closet space. 

So helpful! We also took pictures so I can remember all the outfits she put together for me. For a business woman, who has a busy life with multiple outfit changes per day for business meetings and/ or kids activities and adult activities, working with Lesli from Fabulous you has been a huge game changer and time saver.  Instead of dreading getting dressed and not knowing what to wear, I can fly in and out of my closet efficiently.

Once I get dressed, I feel confident and Fabulous.   Another benefit is how easy it is for me to pack. We travel a lot and I would always dread packing.  Now I know exactly what to pack and can do it efficiently.   This last week when I was traveling I couldn’t believe how many people complimented me on what I was wearing and how I looked.  At 52, that’s a rare occurrence. My husband and kids have commented on every single new outfit and they usually don’t notice anything I wear.   

This experience has been an absolute 10! It’s been fabulous. 

 I feel complete, confident and absolutely FABULOUS!  Thank you!!!

Jackie Miller
Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty

        Lesli completely changed the way I assemble my wardrobe, how I present myself and how I feel when I walk out the door.

I live in Los Angeles, one of the top Fashion Capitals and before we met, the only outfit I would wear would be jeans and a t shirt, sweater or floral top. Deciding what to wear or what to pack
when traveling was always a struggle.

Lesli’s quick observance of the way I carry myself, her knowledge of petite body types and her understanding of my lifestyle, resulted in a new wardrobe that I now can say, “ I feel Fabulous inside and out!”

Thank you Lesli and Fabulous You.

Caralyn O

My name is Emily Love. I am a sports lover that started my career in the 3rd grade and ended with passing on a bid to play professionally in the WNBA. My inner self confidence started at a young age as my father played with me in the drive way and started to instill words like character, work ethic, discipline and integrity. I believed in myself and was proud of my effort and ability as an athlete.

I would not say the same is true in my journey to becoming a confident woman. As an athlete you can control how hard you play, but you cannot choose the nose you were born with. Or the size 11 shoe. Or the way a crowd decides to criticize your looks in a demeaning manner. Pair that with an ever-increasing standard on how women should look, and it’s no surprise many (including myself) are struggling with self-love.

This is where the life changing work of  Lesli comes in. Fabulous You has given me the skills to style myself with confidence and to engage with culture in a positive and relevant way.

Working with Lesli to identify my own personal styles, discover what looks best for my body type, and embrace my femininity empowered me like never before! It has truly taken my self -confidence to a whole new level. Not only can I walk into a mall and feel like I have a vision for what I am looking for, I see myself in a different way. A loving way!

It is a beautiful thing to discover that styling for that can make a profound, even life changing difference in the lives of every person. I am so thankful for the gift of Lesli and am forever changed in my experience with her.

Emily Love
Sports Life Coach

Life Styling with Lesli

I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect in my first styling experience with Fabulous You but Lesli’s energy and enthusiasm for
her job immediately drew me in!

Lesli has a great sense of style and is extremely knowledgeable about current fashion trends. She really educated me and gave me new thinking about how I can blend some new and trendier pieces into my existing wardrobe and it was great that she did it all within my budget.

Honestly, there have been times when shopping for myself could get a little discouraging because of my body type but Lesli coached me on the styles that would be the flattering for my shape. 

The right clothes have definitely helped to empower me and give me confidence that I am presenting my best self to the world.

I am so glad that I made the decision to invest in myself by partnering with Fabulous You! 

Joi Williams
Former NCAA Division I Basketball Coach
Former WNBA Coach

I have been reflecting and thinking about one of my worst years and how I got through it.    That being said, I wanted to thank you because you were there with me during that entire year.  Your support and advise was extremely comforting.  Everything from adjusting my thinking, cleansing my closet to creating my new style.

I have grown so much and learned what I deserve in life and have accomplished all that I have ever wanted because of you.  My business is booming, I have hired an assistant, my personal life could not be better, and I look and feel great!!

Again, thank you so much for being the person you are.  I wish you nothing but happiness and love in your future. 

Laura L Schultz
Laura Lea Design’s, Inc.
18 Kew Court
Huntington, New York 11743
631 796 1436

Lesli Sunshine is an incredible person who has an innate ability to easily connect on so many different levels. She has helped me for over 20 years on many numerous life challenges I have gone through in both my personal and professional life.

She was able to listen, and I mean really listen to not only understand what my roadblocks were but to also help me see and embrace where I wanted to go. Making change in life is extremely difficult especially as you get older but with Lesli I had no fear, just hope and belief that I would find my way because she was always there for me.   She has guided me through many aspects of my life, including personal style.

Lesli has a natural talent to understand and capture what people need to look like to feel great about themselves so they can move forward.

Lesli is an extremely warm and compassionate person who provided me a safe and comfortable environment to which I could really explore my thoughts and easily express my feelings.

We worked as partners in defining the path best for me.

I feel like my life has completely opened for me and I am getting the most out of my life because of my work with Lesli. I am living an extremely happy life that I am in control of.


Lisa Raia
Director Retail Merchandising
Green Growth Brands