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My Bio

A world traveler at heart and a lover of fashion, Lesli Sunshine created Fabulous You to celebrate the changing of lives by sharing her passion and experience for styling.          

Whether on the streets of Paris, consignment shops on Melrose, or people watching in Milan, Lesli always finds ideas that inspire her to create fresh new looks for the clients of Fabulous You.

Her greatest strength is her deep understanding of people and her ability to translate her globe trotting adventures into versatile, wearable styles for every woman and man to enjoy.  

Lesli is a 35 year veteran of the fashion industry and a native New Yorker.

Discovering her client’s true happiness through styling has always been her professional mission whether it be on a broad industry scale or an individual, more personal one.

Lesli’s acute awareness of  her client’s individual body types,  her understanding of the stress shopping can cause, and her respect for her client’s  time constraint, nourishes Lesli’s commitment to achieving the highest standards of service.

Lesli’s philosophy is that confidence begins with how you feel and how you present yourself. We are all constantly changing and we all need to be the best version of ourselves at every stage of our lives. 

With this core belief, Lesli inspires both men and women with the best in style to realize their full potential.

As Lesli continues to explore and discover faraway places around the globe, what keeps Lesli grounded is what she cherishes most - coming home to Scottsdale, AZ with husband Steven, fur baby Sophia, family, friends, hiking and SHOPPING!!!